Alzeth Queen
Vital statistics
Alias The Consumers
Planet of Origin Venav Prime
Physical Description
Body Type Humanoid (Various After Conversion)
Average Height 5'9 - 5'10 (Various After Conversion)
Average Weight 120-140 (Various After Conversion)
Special Adaptations Energy Reading (Various After Conversion)
Unusual Features None (Various After Conversion)

The Alzeth was a race of sentient creatures living on the planet Venav Prime, within the Alpha Draconis system.




The Alzeth were known to be a race that was governed by a hive mind, which was controlled by the queen. While governed by the Queen and hive, each Alzeth could think and act for itself. The Alzeth used the hive mind as a guide in everyday life and for teaching, as it contained the history of the entire race.


Known AlzethEdit


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