Mallory Kamelot
"Life is never easy. Everyone goes through struggles everyday of their lives, whether it be forgetting someone they loved or remembering someone they forgot. The key is to stick to it, even when it gets hard, because if you can endure the pain, you'll become stronger than you ever were and that is how you can truly become strong."

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Type of Weapon Electrical
Range of Weapon N/A
Known Users Arcadia Aquamarine

Arcadia's Laptop is a small laptop she carried around when she was young and she used similarly to how Robin used the computer on his wrist. She was able to hack all systems and was even able to analyze the building of Cadmus Labs in order to determine how far below ground she and the team were. It was also noted to contain a database on The Team and Justice League, listing things such as their secret identities, powers, and such.

However, her laptop was destroyed by Mister Twister, in Welcome to Happy Harbor, thus causing the laptop to last only three episodes.

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