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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Atlantis
Physical Description
Body Type Aquatic
Special Adaptations Various
Unusual Features Various

Biology Edit

Atlanteans were forced to adapt to life under the ocean surface when their continent sank. They used sorcery and science to allow for underwater breathing.

Over millennia, inhabitants of each city-state evolved further, with many of them evolving features similar to those of aquatic animals such as fish, cetaceans and squid. Atlanteans refer to themselves as "water-breathers". The variety of the people of Atlantis led to racial tensions between "skin and scales" and "flesh and fins" in the form of the purists, led by Ocean-Master. They considered themselves pure descendants of the original Atlanteans: fully human, without visible fish features. They hoped to cleanse Poseidonis of its diversity.

Abilities Edit

Atlantean diversity

Biological diversity among Atlanteans.

Apart from the ability to breathe underwater, Atlanteans also have a stronger build, and are generally stronger than humans. Additionally some less humanoid Atlanteans display abilities similar to their aquatic relatives.

An ample part of Atlantean culture is magic, with art and education being entwined in it. Practicing requires special tattoos.

Language Edit

Atlanteans speak a language derived from Ancient Greek,  over the millennium since Ancient Greek died out.

Notable Atlanteans Edit

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