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Jason Todd wielding Baldr
Type of Weapon Gud Klingor
Range of Weapon Varies
Known Users Jason Todd

Baldr is one of Jason Todd's Gud Klingor.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Unlimited Energy Ammunition: Being a Gud Klingor, Baldr has a near unlimited amount of energy stored inside of himself. He can condense this energy into bullets that can pierce everything except Ultrargentum.
  • Ultrargentum Bullet Conversion: The exact details of this ability are unknown, but Jason has stated that Baldr can convert any material into Ultrargentum provided there is enough of the material. At one point, Jason converted 100 kilograms of steel into 6 Ultrargentum bullets. Jason theorized that i order to make one Ultrargentum bullet out of hydrogen, he'd need 2 stars 100 times the size of Earth's Sun to create just one Ultrargentum bullet. If he were to make it out of thin air, he would have to use up all of the nitrogen in Earth's atmosphere to materialize one Ultrargentum bullet. Because of the vast amounts of raw material needed, Jason rarely uses this ability of Baldr's.
  • Hyper-Piercing Bullets: While Ultrargentum supplies elude Jason, he is able to supercharge normal bullets that equate armor-piercing rounds.
  • Rödåskakula: (Swedish for Red Thunder Bullet) One of Jason's special techniques infusing a Hyper-Piercing bullet with Baldr's energy, equating the power of a rail gun. Normally, Jason can only use this attack once per day, as the stress on Baldr can cause it to crack under the pressure of firing the bullet.
  • Vägen till Damaskus: (Swedish for Road to Damascus) This is by far the flashiest of Jason's techniques when using Baldr. This attack creates a huge field of blinding light confined to a rectangular area 1 km X 2 km. To those outside of it's area, it appears that there is a metallic white structure stretching to the heavens. The light inside of the area can become as strong as the light emitted from the sun times 2, however, 36 hours after being affected by this, the victim regains their sight, albeit slightly damaged. Anyone outside of the area is unaffected by the technique due to the specialized light focus.

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