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General Beta
Zephyr Linette1.jpg
Vital Statistics
Real Name Zephyr Linette
Alias Beta
Age 33 (2015)
35 (2018)
Species Human
Birthday June 1
Birthplace Earth
London, England
Designation II (First Twelve)

Zephyr Linette is the second member of the First Twelve with her designation as General Beta. Before joining, she was a member of United States Special Forces, in addition to something akin to a consultant for the Justice League.


Zephyr Linette2

Zephyr taking control of the situation/rebelling against the powers that be

Zephyr wears the same uniform as Colonel Gamma to an extent. She has also been seen wearing a winter coat over her primary uniform. Zephyr has strong blue eyes, and long blond hair. She usually has her hair cover her right eye for reasons unknown.


Zephyr is a very strong woman, facing all sorts of adversity in battle and life. Being one of the few females in the First Twelve, she takes her position very seriously. She is less tolerant of insubordination than Grand General Alpha, often reprimanding the offender to a point where even Alpha will say its too much. Zephyr is also a firm believer in the "If you don't work, you don't eat" credo, thus she can be as charitable as a hungry shark.

She has a rivalry with Colonel Gamma, often belittling him by calling him a "greenhorn" and similar comments. She believes that Gamma is unqualified to wield a Gud Klingor since he was captured by the enemy, and she had to come and rescue him, an act that she still questions why she did that in the first place.


Zephyr Linette3

Zephyr mourning a fallen comrade

Zephyr Linette Bloody

Zephyr in battle

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Zephyr Linette wielding Saxnōt

Zephyr wielding Saxnōt

  • Saxnōt: Saxnōt is the name of Zephyr's Gud Klingor. He takes the form of an intricately designed rapier that can manipulate all kinds of metals, including Ultrargentum.



  • General Beta's theme is Fire Woman by Crush 40.

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