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Colonel Gamma
Colonel Gamma1.jpg
Vital Statistics
Alias Gamma
Age 30 (2018)
Species Human
Living Fire
Birthday July 4
Birthplace Earth
United States
Designation III (First Twelve)

Colonel Gamma is a senior member of the First Twelve. Before joining, he was on death row for charges of espionage while in the Middle East. He says that he was part of the United States Special Forces, but there has been little to no documentation to prove this. He also refuses to reveal his given name, so everyone calls him Colonel Gamma, Colonel, or just Gamma.


Colonel Gamma's Scar

Colonel Gamma's scar visible in battle.

Gamma's appearance is that of a high-ranking soldier. He wears the attire of what he claims is the uniform for an elite corps of officers who have distinguished themselves in their work. He will also be seen wearing a black trench coat over said uniform. Gamma has dark hair and deep black eyes showing something akin to hope.


Despite his seniority in the First Twelve, he is the most idealistic of the group, even more so than Derek Marshall. Gamma firmly believes that he can change the world from its current state to something greater.

As for his relationship with Grand General Alpha, Gamma believes that the General pushes himself too much sometimes, though sometimes, his well meant intentions are taken as challenges for leadership. Gamma has a huge scar in his abdominal area after an incident where the General "disciplined" him. He also has a scar of what he calls a transmutation circle on his right hand that resembles the design on his gloves.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Colonel Gamma2

Colonel Gamma wielding Váli

  • Váli: Gamma uses the Gud Klingor named Váli. According to him, Váli is at odds with a Gud Klingor named Höðr. Váli takes the form of gloves made from ignition cloth with a strange circle pattern on it. Apparently, these serve as mediums between Gamma and his gloves.



  • Colonel Gamma's theme is Up In Flames by Coldplay.

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