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Grand General Alpha
Grand General Alpha1.jpg
Vital Statistics
Real Name Guren Kurosaki
Alias Alpha
Age 55 (2018)
Species Human
Birthday March 14
Birthplace Earth
Designation I (First Twelve)

Guren Kurosaki is the founder of the First Twelve, in addition to the first practitioner of Gud Klingor usage. He is also the mentor of General Beta, Colonel Gamma, and Captain Delta.


Despite his name meaning crimson, Guren's hair is a silver color. He also has insightful grey eyes which seem like they can see through anything. He usually wears a trenchcoat with two amalgam medals on either side.


Guren's primary concern is securing all Gud Klingor and making sure that they are away from those who would abuse and misuse their power. Because of this, many other things fall to the wayside, such as the feelings of others.

He is also very sensitive about his age to the point that if anyone (namely Colonel Gamma) were to remark on how Guren should be "sipping tea in a rocking chair", Guren will proceed to violently attack his accuser, laughing while he does so.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Master Tactician: Guren's ability to analyze situations and act accordingly attests to how he became leader of the First Twelve. Being a former Marine, he knows the importance of teamwork and knowing the abilities of subordinates. Unless something extremely unexpected happens, Guren's strategies almost always work out.
  • Master Martial Artist: Training in the East and America, Guren has learned multiple martial arts from karate to muay thai. Despite his age, he could rival Batman in hand-to-hand combat.



Guren standing on Freyr

  • Freyr: Guren wields the Gud Klingor who calls himself Freyr, after a Norse god of morality. Freyr takes the form of a great mechanical giant.


  • (after disciplining/maiming a subordinate) "This is why you don't upset the Grand General. Remember that."


  • Guren's theme is The Resistance by Anberlin
  • Guren's theme when he first activates his Gud Klingor is One Man Army by The Classic Crime.

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