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Type of Weapon Gud Klingor
Range of Weapon Varies
Known Users Derek Marshall


Dellingr Sealed

Dellingr in its sealed form

Dellingr takes the form of a black hexagonal charm with the Roman numeral III that Derek carries with him at all times. Sometimes, Dellingr will fuse himself with Derek at his heart.


Dellingr Form 1 Specs

Dellingr Form 1 Specs

Dellingr Form 2 Specs

Dellingr Form 2 Specs

Dellingr is made out of something called "Ultrargentum", a mystical and powerful silver-like substance with a density equivalent to Osmium, and a malleability equivalent to mercury when Dellingr chooses to change form. Dellingr cannot be broken by most materials on Earth or the known universe. Supposedly, since Dellingr claims his origin as a Gud Klingor, there could be more like him.


Dellingr's status as a Gud Klingor can get to his head sometimes to where he thinks he is above most other weapons (usually true). He will also sulk if he is called "it" instead of being reffered to using "he" pronouns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dellingr Form 2

Dellingr's Alternate Form

  • Light Manipulation: Dellingr can redirect light photons, though this only applies to existing light. In addition, Dellingr cannot amplify the amount of light; he can only increase or decrease intensity over a certain area. He can move it into any direction that he wishes or is asked to.
  • Samla och Konvertera (Swedish for Gather and Convert) The red cloth on Dellingr can gather light energy and convert it into a sort of electrical energy which can then be discharged into attacks with the title Solljus (Swedish for Sunlight). There are a set of techniques that Dellingr can use in regards to battle.
    • Uppskäraren: (Swedish for Slasher) This uses the energy as a fuel for a strong charging attack.
    • Blinkljus: (Swedish for Flicker) This creates a flash of light to blind enemies temporarily, or to illuminate a space.
    • Kraschen: (Swedish for Crash) This is by far the most powerful attack where Derek wraps the cloth around Dellingr and increases the destructive power of his charging attack.
    • Håltagare: (Swedish for Piercer) Dellingr can fire off multiple blasts of focused light energy to pierce through multiple enemies. How many depends on the amount of light stored in Dellingr itself.

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