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Destiny "Des" Allen
Vital Statistics
Real Name Etta Rosetta Kotko
Alias Destiny
Age 14
Species Meta-human
Birthday July 21 1941
Birthplace Minsk, Russia

Early LifeEdit

Destiny spent the first six years of her life in Minsk, first in a Nazi ghetto for Jews (She is half French, and one fourth Jewish, and German.) and then in the terror of living under the Soviets.  At the age of six a man caught her stealing bread, and in desperation she accidentally traveled forward in time.  Now, of course this left her very confused and scared.  Eventually she was turned over to the u.s. foster care system (she had also changed location while time traveling) but they were a little lost as it took a while to find someone to translate who could (due to regulations) and eventually figured out she thought she was in the USSR, in 1947, causing more problems as they didn't know whether to send her to Russia or keep her in America, eventually it was mostly straightened out, and Dawn Allen managed to adopt her.  Being only six she learned English very quickly, and determined to learn French as well.  It was soon discovered she was very intelligent, and although not naturally athletic she pushed herself quite hard.  When she was ten a man calling himself Fredrick Danwick fought the Justice League with an army he had created.  The Justice League was completely destroyed, and he revealed the League members' identities to the world.  Before hunting down anyone associated with them in anyway.  Only a few escaped, and within a year Fredrick had convinced the whole world to surrender, and had set up a new oppressive government.  

The Jr ResistanceEdit

Being eleven the new ultra secret second justice league did not let her in.  So she found other young people rejected for various reasons, and together they created the Jr Resistance.  She is one of the youngest in the resistance, and they do not allow anyone under eleven to participate in the field at all, and those under thirteen rarely... there being exceptions for those highly trained like Martha and Thomas Wayne.  They have stolen several sensitive files on secret projects, kidnapped three important officials, and stolen five experimental prototypes.

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