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Chronicle IXEdit

Spellbinder sat on a pillar in a large room filled with pillars, this was a special room sustained by the magic from Azarath. "Welcome to my dream world" He said as he welcomed Loran.

The blonde witch who operated under the assumed name Rift looked up at her training partner and smiled. The magic lingering in the air, the magic that sustained this 'dream world' was thicker than what it happened to be just outside, but it wasn't crushingly massive. "Thank you." she replied simply.

Smirking he conjured a book and spoke a spell. "Azarath, Merotome Asilaca!" He said as time felt like it was frozen in the room. "Time will not flow, Death will not occur, we can train here for years and it will be only seconds when we leave." He said as he closed the book and fired white bolts at her.

Loran rolled away from the incoming blasts, feeling debries from the ground nick her exposed skin. "That was quick. Ah well. Two can play at that game. Archi-radi-marga!" she yelled, firing a grey blast of condensed energy at Spellbinder.

He quickly spoke his incantation and matra. "Azarath Amekleon Zendara!" He said as he created a wave of white to swallow her attack. "Gotta do better than that..."