Landmarks Watchtower
Noteworty Cities Gotham City
Star City
Central City
Noteworthy Countries USA

Earth-18 is one of the fifrty-two universes that branched off from the the core New Earth during the recreation of the Multiverse shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis. This is the current setting for most of user Legendarybluescarf's works.

Notes and InformationEdit

  • Earth-18 is very similar to Earth-16, the universe that the canon takes place in. To make things simpiler, little to none has been changed from what orginally happened during the airing time of Young Justice. 
  • Like stated before, little to none has been changed in the Canonverse, except for the fial listed date July 5th, 00:16 UTC: With The Warworld arriving at Apokolips, where Vandal Savage meets with Darkseid. This does not happen at this time. (Note: This is not saying it will not happen again in the future.)

Earth-18 TimelineEdit

2015: Team Year SixEdit


Dakota City
August 13, 18:18 CDT
Raquel Erwin (Rocket) and Icon get married. All current league members are present.

2016: Team Year SevenEdit


Gateway City
June 7, 23:42 EDT
Forming A Legion begins

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