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First Twelve
First Twelve
Headquarters None
Founder Grand General Alpha
Leader General Beta or Colonel Gamma (usually whoever lost a bout of Rock-Paper-Scissors
Notable Members Grand General Alpha
General Beta
Colonel Gamma
Captain Delta
Logan Marshall
Derek Marshall

The First Twelve refers to the first twelve people on Earth to wield Gud Klingor. Each of them is considered a master in using Gud Klingor.


In 2009, an excavation dig of some old Nordic village produced 67 hexagonal items made from an unknown metal, later to be called Ultrargentum. Each artifact had Roman numerals on them, but they were not all numbered from I (1) to LXVII (67). 5 individuals were at the site, and each of them awakened a Gud Klingor.





Grand General AlphaEdit

Designation: I
Location: King City
Gud Klingor: Freyr (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

General BetaEdit

Designation: II
Location: Colorado, United States
Gud Klingor: Saxnōt (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

Colonel GammaEdit

Designation: III
Location: Sweden
Gud Klingor: Váli (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

Captain DeltaEdit

Designation: IV
Location: King City
Gud Klingor: Óðr (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

Logan MarshallEdit

Designation: V
Location: King City
Gud Klingor: Nótt (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: The Fraternity

Derek MarshallEdit

Designation: VI
Location: King City
Gud Klingor: Dellingr (Gud Klingor)

Gavin RoadraidEdit

Designation: VII
Location: Gotham City, United States
Gud Klingor: Lóðurr (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

Gabriella RoadraidEdit

Designation: VIII
Location: Blüdhaven, United States
Gud Klingor: Gersemi (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

Joan NorthEdit

Designation: IX
Location: Unknown
Gud Klingor: Vör (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

April SolomonEdit

Designation: X
Location: King City
Gud Klingor: Beyla (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

Katrina ChelseaEdit

Designation: XI
Location: Unknown
Gud Klingor: Ēostre (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

Krew FalknerEdit

Designation: XII
Location: King City
Gud Klingor: Hermóðr (Gud Klingor)
Affiliation: Self

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