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"We were partners! Friends! How could you not know I had been replaced? How could you leave me in Luthor's hands for eight years?"

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Gabriella Sullivan
Gabriela Sullivan.png
Vital Statistics
Real Name Gabriella Sullivan
Age 39 (Deceased)
Species Human
Birthday September 19
Birthplace Earth
United States
Rogue City

Gabriella was Zack Sullivan's adoptive mother and was the wife of Zack's biological father, Daniel Sullivan. She was killed by Zack's biological mother, Celia Roberts, because Daniel let Gabriella raise Zack instead of letting her raise him, causing Celia much jealousy. Gabriella was described by many, including Zack and Daniel, as a kind and carefree person who would never wrong another person.


Gabriella was born in Rogue City on September 19. She was an only child and was raised by two seemingly normal human parents, attending the same school that Zack would eventually attend. She had a pretty easy life growing up and did not have many troubles to deal with because her parents were always there for her.

She met Daniel Sullivan a few months after her father passed away from, what was thought to be, a rare form of cancer. She was being attacked by a demon and was saved by Daniel, who was a high ranking exorcist. After he saved her, he explained what he was and that her father was his mentor and a fellow exorcist. After the incident, the two fell in love and eventually became engaged and later married. Daniel, after living with Gabriella for five years, disappeared one day and was not seen again until after she found Zack.


Gabriella had a very kind and cheery personality; she hardly ever seemed to be in a bad mood and nothing ever seemed to get "under her skin". She was always tolerant of Zack's anger and could always easily calm him down with only a few words. She was also described by many as being a good mother because of both her good moral values and her ability to teach others these values. She could always be counted on for anyone who needed help because she always there for people and were always willing to listen to and help people with their problems.


Gabriella was described as being an average looking human female with green eyes and blonde hair. She had little upper body strength and did not have a very muscular upper body as a result. Her clothing did not vary much, namely because of the low budget she had, but she was always as "a lady should" and always wore knee length skirts with a matching coat and plain colored dress shirts underneath. With this, she would often wear tan leggings and a pair of matching dress shoes, usually black ones.


Zack SullivanEdit

Zack Sullivan is Gabriella's adoptive son and is the biological son of Daniel Sullivan.

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