Mallory Kamelot
"Life is never easy. Everyone goes through struggles everyday of their lives, whether it be forgetting someone they loved or remembering someone they forgot. The key is to stick to it, even when it gets hard, because if you can endure the pain, you'll become stronger than you ever were and that is how you can truly become strong."

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Tessa gaunlets
Type of Weapon Close-Combat
Range of Weapon 10 inches
Known Users Tessa Forester

Tessa's Gauntlets are what allow her to use her powers, and are required for several of her abilities.


The Gauntlets are required for the use of Tessa's Possession and related abilities. The only ability that she doesn't need her gauntlets for would be Soul Projection. The Gauntlets are made of strong material and are as strong, if not stronger, than iron, which requires Tessa to monitor how hard she hits her targets. They can be used as a means of defense or attack. The gauntlets are also immune to the ice of Frost.


Tessa Forester

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