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Vital Statistics
Real Name Kan'il El
Alias The Darkness
Species 1/2 Kryptonian
1/2 Azarathian

Kan'il-El is a kryptonian clone, created by Brainiac and a Dark Chi Sorcerer in order to fulfill the prophecy and bring the eternal silence. He was endowed with Dark Chi powers in addition to Standard Kryptonian abilities. He is seen as the rival of Seth Richards, the one who is spoken of in the prophecy as the one born of rage.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kryptonian PowersEdit

Kryptonian Physiology:

Solar Energy Absorption
Heat Vision
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Speed and Stamina

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Dark Chi Magic

Curse Casting

Magical Detection


Limited Kryptonite Vulnerability: In order to keep him under their control, Brainiac left the genetic weakness to Kryptonite, however due to the magical abilities he was given the pain was lessened, but high enough dosages can weaken him greatly.


His appearance is based on Superman X from the Legion of Super Heroes cartoon, due to it being non canon.

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