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"We were partners! Friends! How could you not know I had been replaced? How could you leave me in Luthor's hands for eight years?"

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Leo Stark
Leo Stark
Vital Statistics
Real Name Leonis Takuto Stark
Age 19(2018)
Species Human
Birthday February 29
Birthplace Earth


Leo is a slim teenager with yellow eyes and blue spiky hair with two white streaks on both sides of his hair. He wears a white jacket with blue lining and a blue cross on the front, blue shirt, a large red scarf, red armband, white trousers and brown shoes.


Leo is a very cheery and kind person. Leo is normally very energetic and is normally optimistic towards others. Leo also firmly believes that he should fight for those who are weak and need help. Despite normally being a very cheery character Leo is shown to be serious sometimes and normally acts that way when talking about how he feels about-


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Electricity Generation: Leo has the ability to generate electricity from any part of his body. He can changer the property of the electricity making it harder and using it as a powerful defense, or Sharper increasing it's piercing properties.


Leo Full with --Izanagi no Mikoto (Gud Klingor)Izanagi no Mikoto--

Izanagi no Mikoto: Leo wields a Gud Klingor known as Izanagi no Mikoto.


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