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Type of Weapon Gud Klingor
Range of Weapon Short to Mid-Range
Known Users Logan Marshall

Nótt is the name of Logan Marshall's Gud Klingor. It's usual form is that of something that can only be described as a telepathic blade skirt.


Nótt takes the form of a death-scythe with manipulators attached to Logan's mid-thighs. Two multi-jointed "arms" extend from each attachment, which are controlled by Logan via thought. Each blade has edges that can dissect molecules with four hexagons on the reverse side. The hexagons do not have a cutting edge.


Nótt, like the other Gud Klingor, is built out of the super-alloy Ultrargentum. However, compared to some other Gud Klingor, Nótt is not meant as a weapon of defense, making the user rely on speed and attack power to win a battle. This is usually no problem for Logan, as she her ability to process information far surpasses most people's abilities.


Nótt is one of the more elegant Gud Klingor, often concerned with the grace Logan puts into her techniques rather than the battle itself. Nótt also prides herself in being as silent as a thief in the night when she engages in battle. It also appears that she has some sort of attraction towards Dellingr, as she pushes herself harder when she is around Derek and Dellingr.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nótt Specs1

Nótt's fully activated Specs

Nótt Specs2

Nótt's standby Specs

  • Standby Mode: Nótt, unlike some other Gud Klingor, has a standby mode when activated, taking the form of some decorations on Logan's thighs. This allows her to instantly engage in battle when there is little time for calculation or strategy.
  • Profana Kirurg: (Swedish for Profane Surgeon) More of a melee combo attack, Logan creates something akin to a whirlwind around her that protects her from oncoming attacks or to slash straight through an enemy.
  • Spideren Rullator: (Swedish for Spider Walker) Logan can use Nótt as a sort of walker to dash or leap over crowds or to jump from one building to the next. When she is carrying someone, her speed and jumping ability decrease due to the strain it puts on Nótt.

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