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Rogue City
April 20, 2020. 9:30pm EST

Griffin, Michelle, Kalil, and Suzy were all sitting at a table in one of Griffin's favorite yet most expensive restaurant. They were celebrating another successful victory over evil, although the people around them were none the wiser.

"I propose a toast." Griffin said as he stood up, a glass of soda in his hand. "To my new and ever expanding family. Thank you guys for all your help. Without you guys, I wouldn't know where I would be." he said a he raised his glass to the center of the table.

"I'll drink to that." Suzy said raising her glass, "As will I." Michelle also replied as she too raised her glass in the air.

"To family. A great ideal to fight and believe in." Kalil said raising his glass. "But aren't we down a family member?" He asked.

Griffin nodded. "Yes we are. Alex offered to stay at the house. I told him he didn't need to, but he did anyway." Griffin said as he sat back down in his seat. "Let's finish this meal so we can leave. How's that sound?" he said to everyone as he began eating once again.

Once they finished their meal, they all rose and left the restaurant. Once they reached the exit, they all turned to walk toward the exit, with the exception of Griffin, who turned in the opposite direction. "Hey you guys, I'm going to go for a walk. Don't wait up."

"Um Griffin, I will join you, see you guys back at the house." Michelle said catching up to Griffin.

"Alright you two, be careful." Suzy said as she and Kalil went back to the house to wait for their family.

Michelle was walking along-side Griffin looking up at the stars smiling, "Wow the nights here are truly amazing, and the lights just compliment this evening." She said smiling rubbing her arms to keep warm due to her forgetting her jacket back at the Mansion.

Griffin sighed as he closed his eyes. A smile broke across his face as he handed her the jacket to his tux. "You truly are a clumsy girl. You'd probably be dead without me." he chuckled as he set the coat on top of her arms, keeping her plenty warm.

She grasped the coat and covered her arms and neck, "I keep forgetting, these outfits although stylish have me confused, I didn't know this dress came with a jacket." Michelle replied blushing, but smiled. "Thank you for inviting me out."

"Don't mention it." he said as he looked both ways before running across the street to get down to the beach. "Come on." he said as he grabbed her hand, pulling her across the street. "The beach is this way."

Michelle laughed as Griffin dragged her to the beach, and after a bit they arrived at where the sand looking at the horizon at the moon glowing over the water. "Wow, this place is a true show of beauty." She replied smiling, then something caught her attention.

A man and woman were on the far-side of the beach, although Griffin could not hear them, Michelle could hear there conversation as clear as day. "Martha, today has been one of the best nights of my life, but it won't be complete untill you answer this question..... Will you marry me??" The man said kneeling down on one foot.

"OH ANDREW!!! Yes yes I will..." She replied with glee as the two hugged and kissed.

Michelle had known about earthling relationships and was studying up on it for some time, and in her mind she felt that she and Griffin shared a connection, but never said anything.

"Griffin, may I ask you something??" Michelle said turning Griffin to look at him face-to-face.

"Yeah, what is it?" Griffin said as he looked at Michelle. "Your kinda creeping me out here."

Michelle took in a deep breath trying to build up the confidence to tell him, "What do you think of me?" She asked looking right into his eyes.

The question seemed to confuse Griffin. "What do you mean?" he asked inquisitively of her. "I think your a great person and an incredible friend." he said as he put his hand on her shoulder. "Did I do something to upset you?" he asked nervously.

Michelle grabbed his hand and held it close, "Griffin, we've been living together for two of your earth years, but even before my living there I sensed something the first time we met." She said intertwining her fingers with his. "Don't you feel it too?"

Griffin stiffened, finally getting the vibe she had been giving off. "Hey, I like you as a friend and all Michelle, but you're like a sister to me. I could never..." he paused trying to let his thoughts assemble.

"I don't understand why you continue to push me away Griffin, I care about you more than a mere-friend. Why do you insist on denying the truth?" Michelle replied letting go of his hand and looking him straight in the eye.

"Michelle hold on. Just because you have feelings for some one doesn't mean they feel the same." He put his hands on her shoulders, as if to calm her down. "I like you as a friend."

Michelle wanted to speak against it, but saw in Griffin's eyes that he spoke the truth and knew nothing would convince him otherwise. "Very well, I have my answer." She said with regret as she took off his coat and handed it back to him. "Let us return home" She said turning around to walk off the beach with her eyes covered with her bangs.

Griffin watched Michelle walk away until he ran after her in protest. "Now hang on Michelle! We can still be friends, can't we?" he said as a boom tube opened up near her. "Michelle! Wait!" he yelled in protest. "I can't love you, but I need you to stay."

All Michelle did was turn towards Griffin with her hair blocking her eyes, then entered the boom-tube as it disappeared and closed.

Griffin could only stare as the boom-tube closed behind her, engulfing her in it's vortex. "Dammit." Griffin said as he ran back toward the house.

He burst through the door a few minutes later and noticed Kalil and Suzy were in the kitchen. "You guys. We've got big trouble. Michelle is gone, she left." Griffin spoke with a heightened tone of haste and wordiness, the likes of wich he has never used before, further relaying the surety of the situation.

"What do you mean she's gone?" Kalil said going rigid. He quickly marched across the kitchen and grabbed his 'brother' by the collar. "What happened!?" Worry and anger was apparent in the abscence of his usual cool tones, staring directly into Griffin's eyes with his crimson peepers.

"Kalil, let go of him!!" Suzy yelled breaking them off from each other as she pushed Kalil into the dining area, "Griffin what exactly happened?" She asked in a calm voice trying to acsess the situation.

Griffin took a deep breathe before he began to speak. "Well we we're walking along and I wanted to go down to the beach. You guys all know I love water and the sun set was beautiful." he said as he took another deep breathe, trying to collect his racing thoughts. "And there we this couple, a guy proposing to his girlfriend or something. And then she started talking about how much she liked me and...she just left!!!" griffin sat down in a nearby chair and gripped his head.

Griffin himself once more as he began to calm himself. "We're going after her. Kalil, can you get a make shift boom-tube up an running? Her destination was her home world." he said as he raised himself from his seat and began to head up the stairs to his room to change into formal ware. "We leave in ten. Everyone be ready and bring plenty of supplies." he said as he slammed his door behind him.

Suzy was in shock then turned to Kaili, "There's gotta be more to it, she didn't just leave because of one conversation did she?" She asked Kalil who was sitting down.

"Yeah I can get one working. It'll take some time to get the neccesary items as I haven't fully analyzed Motherbox to create a working Boom-Tube. It's gonna be a lot of guess work on my part." Kalil said catching his cool again. He spun on his heels and headed into the basement where he orignally made a working makeshift Zeta-beam platform earlier at least two years prior. Kalil grumbled to himself as he walked down the steps.

Suzy went up to grab her hero attire and some clothes for the trip, and she saw that Michelle's door was open, she looked inside and found everything cleaned out. No clothes or make-up. A hurt feeling came over her and tears began to pour down her face, but she knew now that she was going to bring her best friend back. She returned downstairs with her Chinook outfit on and clicked a button to put the stealth-tech on.

Griffin came out from his room in his usually afire on. He was wiping his head with a towel in order to dry his damp hair, throwing it off the side of the stairs when he was finished. He was carrying two bags; he had packed one for Kalil since he assigned him the task of getting a boom-tube ready. "Good. You're ready." Griffin said to Suzy as he noticed her waiting. "Where is Kalil? Basement?" he asked, knowing that he assembled the Zeta platform so time before.

"Probably, if we're going to New Genesis we'd better get to it." Suzy said as she and Grffin made their way to the basement.

Griffin looked at the Zeta platform with his Perceptive Vision and noticed that it was near completion. "Looks good Kalil. Your a life saver." he said as he set the bag down next to Kalil. "Here. I packed yours for you." he said a he pressed the button on his shirt, activating his Dreadlock identity.

"Uh-huh" Kalil said as he took his bag and set it on the table next to his workspace. "A lot has been done since then. I've been trying to add the Boom-Tube technology to it so that it doesn't need an exact point to dump us out into. It would be like how me and Suzy first used it but a lot safer." He rubbed his temple and walked away from the table with his bag to change into uniform. "Don't touch anything."

"Well, from what Michelle told me about her home, we're likely to find her in the captial Supertown , but we better be careful the outside of the town is mostly wilderness and inhabited by people called Primitives." Suzy said trying to inform the guys.

Griffin stood next to the boom-tube, waiting for Kalil to finish. "None of that matters. All that matters is getting her back with us." he said as he looked down at the floor, thinking of the dire mistake he made with "I should have told her how I really feel. So stupid!" he thought to himself.

Kalil came back in unifom, his Stealth-tech already active. "I got the coordinates actually.Took them straight from the Justice League computers. It happens that they've been to New Genesis a couple of times." He held a new remote that was sleek and held a single button. Kalil stepped to the right of Griffin. "Chin up. We aren't that far behind her." Kalil slung his bag over his shoulder and activated the platform, which silently and quickly formed a portal in the correct space unlike his first test of the system.

Griffin gave a grunt of realization as he prepared to be carried through the Boom tube. "Are you ready, Suzy?" Griffin asked as he waited for her to step closer.

"Ready Griffin, let's go get our friend back." Suzy said standing next to Griffin with her bag on.

The three stood there as the boom-tube transported them to New Genesis. "It worked. Very nice Kalil." Griffin said as he looked around the planet's terrain, quickly noticing the vast difference between here and Earth.

"Of course it did." Kalil said as he pocketed the controller away. "Not sure how far we are from the city but we are here." He looked up at the night sky much clearer than it was on Earth.

The three decided to camp there for the night before beginning their search for their friend.

New Genesis, Supertown

The city was filled to the brim with many New Gods were enjoying their morning, meanwhile at the High-Palace, Diao was now in her normal New Genesis clothing as she was meditating on the events that occured. After returning to New Genesis, she was immediatly put on guarding Sera's life at all times.

The High-Father also wanted Diao to have some company so he made her team-up with the newly discovered creature he called Drigo.

"Big sis?" Sera said as Diao looked up and smiled.

"What is it little sister, is Drigo bothering you again?" She replied looking up on the tree-tops as a beast with a bird-like face looked at her and grinned.

"No no, he has been quite fun actually, I simply feel like you are hurt for some reason."

Diao looked at the girl, her ability was that she could feel the energy off of people which tells her how they are doing. Diao smiled and rubbed her head. "It is nothing really, come you must be hungry. You too Drigo!" Diao yelled as she led Sera into the castle.

Griffin laid down in his newly assembled tent, having finished his last as he helped Kalil and Suzy assemble there's first. He felt responsible for having brought them into this and for causing Diao to leave.

The next morning, Griffin was the first one up, having been unable to sleep the night before from the trouble he caused everyone. "Okay guys. Time to get up." he said as he finished folding up his tent. "We'll go investigate the city and see what we can find." he said as he shook his head, attempting to wake himself up and to shake away some fatigue.

Kalil was already up, his tent broken down and put away into his bag. He sat upon a rock sharpening his shuriken and putting missing equipment that was in his bag onto his suit. "I don't sleep that much anymore Griffin." The twenty-one year-old man said as he slipped his mask on to scan the horizon with the high powered goggles within them. Nothing seemed out of place to him.

Suzy was the last to wake up as she disassembled her tent and stuffed it inside her bag as she looked at the two. "Well now that we're here, how do you suppose we convince Diao that she come home with us?" Suzy asked bitting into an energy bar to gain her strength back.

"We use what drove her away, right Griffin?" He said looking towards the fatigued man. "It had to be something you did. And don't lie. I read people on an everyday basis Griffin. I can tell when you lie. Haven't you noticed how Diao looks at you?" Kalil did one long powerful sharpening stroke with his shuriken. "She has feelings for you. You didn't return them, huh? I mean what guy lies to himself and the girl that he is madly in love with." Shadowfang glared through his mask at Griffin. "90%of communication is body language, and I am fluent in it. So don't lie to me. Did. You. Drive. Diao. Away?"

Griffin reached over an grabbed Kalil on each side of his chest and lifted him into the air and slammed him back on the ground. "Don't think you know me just because you can read my body movements!" he said as he ripped off his mask and leaned over him. "You were abandoned! You have no idea what's it like to have something one day and have it be gone the next!" he yelled, clearly in reference to the death of his parents. "I can't let foolish things like love get in the way of my goal of killing the people who made me this way!" he yelled as he picked himself up and walked through the dense woodlands of New Genesis.

After calming himself down, he spoke again. "Let's go. We WON'T be splitting up, either. We're staying together because find her and bring her back together." he said as he slid his mask back down over his head.

Shadowfang recovered quite quickly. "Just because you have power doesn't entitle you to things. Even if you have a damned plot of revenge for your lost childhood. But that's something you need to put back in perspective and keep from harming yourself even further DAMMIT!" Kalil was huffing his body becoming quite antsy and active. "You can't deem everybody as some type of TOOL for your use. Even though you don't want us to split up Griffin..." Kalil walked up to Griffin and stared him down through standing slightly taller than him. " are causing it to happen. AND soon you would be all ALONE like when you started." Kalil finished as he pushed past Griffin and trekked to Suzy.

"Suzy you can follow me or him. It doesn't matter to me because at least I know what we mean to each other." He said as he hugged her and started to walk to the North.

"Right now isn't about me or you Kalil, it's about finding Diao and bringing her back with us. You guys are so upset about this that you don't realize how much danger is here. Well I'm not gonna be in the middle of this tug-of war, I'm going to find my best friend and bring her home." Suzy replied as she used her wind and flew up into the air in a different direction.

Elsewhere in a hidden part of Supertown, was a labrotory with much equpiment inisde of it, and in the shadows was a figure who was on his computer along side a figure under a blanket.

"Soon my pet, soon."

Griffin stood on the edge of the brush. "She's right, Kalil. This isn't about you or me or anything else. It's about Diao." he walked over to Kalil, looking him straight in the eye. "Look, I know you like Diao as something more than a friend and I am sorry that she likes me, but right now, that isn't important." he held out his hand to Kalil. "So what do you say man? Truce?"

Kalil stared back at Griffin. "Yes. At a point that was true Griffin. I did have feelings for her but those are now gone. I just care for her, I want her to be happy and go unharmed. And the fact you did what you had done my brother, it enraged me because I know how she is, I've watched her for so long and it hurt that she overlooked me for you. " Kalil turned from Griffin not shaking his hand at all. "If this was two years ago, I would have said I loved Diao, but now I am in love with another, Suzy. But at this time Griifin." He glared back at Griffin. "I will work with you to get Diao back but we will have to rectify this at another time. I can't just let this go."

Griffin dropped his hand back to his side. "I don't expect you to. I've become so possesses by vengeance and hatred toward the Red Lantern Corps that I overlooked what was in front of me." he said as he ran along side Kalil, since the two lacked the luxury of flight like Suzy. "To be honest, I could never tell that she had feelings for me. I just thought that she was friendly and was unsure of earth customs." he said as a faint smile began to show across his face. "I'm probably the most oblivious person on the face of the planet, especially if she likes as much as you two suggest." Griffin and Kalil came to an opening in the brush where they found Suzy resting. "What's wrong Suzy? Did you see something or are you just resting?" Griffin asked as he scanned the area with his Telescopic Vision.

"Get down now! It might see you." Suzy said as she was breathing deeply holding her hand as it had been broken. "The beast that did this isn't just another wild animal." She said as suddenly noises came over the entire area. Movement came and gone as the bushes didn't even russle.

Suddenly right there in front of them, Drigo appeared staring them down. It then roared exposing it's large rows of teeth warning them to leave.

"Oh....Great." Kalil said simply as he quickly got ready drawing his shuriken. "Circle it and keep some distance so we can find out what it can do." He commanded his commrades to do. He lept backward while throwing three shuriken towards the beasts chest.

In one instant, the shurikens disappeared as Drigo spat them out on the floor broken in pieces. It then disappeared in another instant and reappeared right next to Kalil as it went in for the attack with it's fists.

Griffin jumped into the air and caught the beasts fists with his bare hands. "You may be strong, Kalil, but this is my team. Final orders are my responsibility." he said a he picked up and threw the beast with a grunt. "Go help Suzy! This thing is chump change to me!" Griffin said to Kalil as he saw the beast beginning to rise to it's feet once more.

Drigo knew that his attention needed to be on Griffin, and after staring at him for a few minutes, he then jumped back into the forest to plan his next attack.

Suzy had quickly fashioned herself a cast to keep her arm straight to increase the healing as she saw Griffin.

Kalil reluctntly did what Griffin said, and ran towards Suzy. He bolted as fast as he could until he took a knee at her side and started to help her up without harming her arm.

Griffin closed his eyes, attempting to focus his mind. He threw them open and began to search the forrest with his Perceptive Vision and Telescopic Vision. He continued to scan as he jumped back, only a few feet from Suzy and Kalil's position. "Are you two okay?" he asked them, not removing his vision from the forrest.

"Aside from the freaking broken hand here, it's all good." Suzy said sarcastically standing next to Kalil.

Griffin chuckled at the comment. "Well you can't be too hurt if you're still able to make jokes." Griffin said in a more serious tone. He stopped suddenly as he saw the brush move. "I think it's coming again!" Griffin said as he assumed a more battle ready stance, ready to protect his friends at all cost.

Drigo shrekied as he then jumped from tree to tree increasing his speed as he was about to pounce on the three intruders, and out of nowhere appeared a wall of rock between them making Drigo stop as he heard someone walking towards him.

"How many times have I told you not to wonder off without permission?" A familiar voice said as Drigo replied with small shreaks that the person could understand. The rock wall was pulled down as the voice was revealed to be Diao back in her New God uniform. She took one look at the intruders and was shocked when it was her old friends.

"Leave Drigo, Sera's asking for you. I'll handle the intruders." Diao said as Drigo glared at Griffin, then jumped highly out of sight.

Kalil glared at the back of Griffin's head. If he had heat vision, the boy would be on fire as his gazed then turned towards Diao in her uniform. "D...Diao!" He exclaimed escorting Suzy up closer to stand side by side with Griffin.

Diao looked over to Suzy, which made her change her expression to worry, and saw her broken arm. "Oh my goodness, what happened?" She asked passing right by Griffin and heading towards her friend.

"That beast snuck up on me and sucker punched me. I blocked it, but he's really strong and broke my hand." Suzy replied as Diao grabbed Mother-Box and placed it on her.

"Why have you entered New Genesis?"

"We came for you Diao." Kalil answered. "We came to bring you back with us."

Griffin took a deep sigh before turning to face Diao and the others. "Hey Diao." he said bluntly as he sighed deeply. "We came to get you, as Kalil has stated, and I have come to tell you the truth." Griffin said as he starred collectively at the group. "Diao look, the truth is..." before Griffin could finish his sentence, he was pierced in the chest by a golden arrow, gold being the only element able to pierce his metal endoskeleton.

His eyes widened as he fell to his knees. On his knees, he turned and looked behind him as two more bows hit him from the front. All Griffin could see was a figure that was illuminated by the sun, producing only a silhouette. Griffin coughed up blood as he spun himself around to defend himself.

At that moment Diao placed an earth-dome around her friends, and then felt more arrows piercing them but not hitting their target. "COME WE MUST LEAVE NOW!!!!" Diao said grabbing Griffin and dragging him while Kalil and Suzy followed as Diao pushed the earth under them taking them to safety.

"Shall I pursue ?" A hulking figure said standing next to the other figure.

"No, we must now carefully plan our next step, the child Diao will not be able to stop us nor her father. Come OMAC."

"Yes Master." The two then disappeared out of sight.

Kalil focused on carrying and caring for Suzy the whole way. "What the hell was that? I mean. Was it someone from Apokolips?" He looked at Griffin's wounded body. "You know we are gonna have to remove those now Diao. Or else he will be bleeding all the way back. He won't last."

"Just...stop..." Griffin said faintly, as they all stopped to listen to him. Griffin positioned himself against a nearby tree as he began to speak. "Diao...I have...something important to tell you..." he said as he removed his mask and coughed up more blood. "It is something I need to get off my chest." he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his custom, somewhat removing the blood.

"I want to...start off by saying that...I knew that you had feelings for me...I knew the whole time. I pretended...not to notice the little things you did for doing your hair...or wearing perfume...because I didn't want to let...things like love get in the way...of me getting my revenge." he cleared his throat and spit out more blood as he began to talk again. "I thought...that it would make me weak...but I see know that I was wrong. Kalil, Suzy, and especially you have all been great to me."

He grabbed Diao's hand, pulling her close to him. "They woke me up...Suzy, and especially Kalil." he chuckled as he spit out more blood from his mouth. "And it is now with confidence...and without selfishness...that I can say to you...that I lied two nights ago...on the beach. The truth that...I love you too Diao..." Griffin pulled Diao to him and gave her a hug, but was weary of the arrows sticking from his chest, as he did not want to injure her.

"About time". Kalil said unfer his breath loud enough for Suzy to be the only one to hear him.

All Diao could do at that point was cry as she saw the one person she cared about slipping away from her, "I will not let you die, not after you finally told me." She said kissing him on the cheek as she quickly went to Suzy. "Suzy I'm sorry, but the only way to...." She was interrupted when Suzy grabbed Mother-Box and handed it to her.

"Go save your boyfriend." She replied jokingly as Diao quickly went to Griffin.

"This will hurt, but you will be healed." She said as Mother-Box quickly lached on, and began to expell the arrows from Griffin's body. "The process has begun, but it will take time and we're exposed out here. Come we're going to my home." She said grabbing Griffin while he leaned on her for support and started walking.

Griffin cringed in pain as the arrows began to repel, causing him to let out a dull scream. "I have to admit another thing too guys; something disturbing." Griffin said as he leaned up further. "How did they know my weakness to gold?" he asked as the air began to shift around the four of them. "Makes me think that they might now all of your weaknesses too. I want you to all be careful. Never head out alone from now on." Griffin said as he put his arm on Diao's shoulder. "Please. Just be careful."

"We will, but now we must go. You're wounds will not be healed fast enough even with Mother-Box." Diao replied as he helped him out.

Griffin let go of Diao's shoulder, his mind still full of guilt. "I am sorry, Diao. For everything. I wasn't the best person in the world." Griffin said as he sat up a little further, still leaning against the tree. "Take everyone else with you. I'll meet up with you later." Griffin said as he began to get up on his feet.

Kalil stepped forward and prodded one of Griffin's wounds with his index finger easily and purposely causing pain to the boy. "Look at you. You can barely stand, and the slightest touch has you whining. You're dead meat for anything out there. Another thing like the beast could be out here, and you are in no condition to find it."

He pushed in deeper. "Now we, as your family, are going to drag your busted hide back to safety. " He looked over to Diao. "He's all yours now." his finger removed itself from Griffin's body and Kalil strode back over to Suzy and caressed her.

"That's right idiot, you're coming with us no matter what we always stick together." Suzy replied holding Kalil.

Diao took him and made him lean on her, "You are my life and I will not leave you here to die. Come we leave now." She said looking right at him face to face.

Griffin sighed, realizing that he could not win this argument. "Fine. Let's go then." he said as he let Diao guide himself and the others to the "house" Diao had mentioned.

Kalil guided Suzy close behind Diao.


After an hour of trudging through it was mid-day as Diao managed to use a secret tunnel to led her friends to her old home, she opened the door as they all entered.

"Come in and make yourselves at home." She said, putting Griffin down on what appeared to be a couch.

Griffin gasped in pain as she set him down. "This is...different." he said as he gripped his left side with his right arm. "Is this the capital or something?" he asked Diao who was standing in front of him.

"Supertown, yes many of the New Gods live here, but you will not be detected here this home is just an empty space." Diao said as she was checking on Griffin's wounds.

Suzy came right after resting on the couch as she looked around, a picture frame captuered her attention as she saw a woman, a man, and a baby standing together. "Who are these people?"

"My mother and father." Diao said not turning back.

Shadowfang made his way around the perimeter of the room looking at the walls. "This would do for now. Yet there are things that were not packed that we extremely need at the moment, like Griffin's serum. The one you made to originally get the way you were. I May be able to synthesize a healing agent out of it, if we can transport back to the mansion. " He said looking over the back of the sofa at Griffin. "The sad thing is...I'm gonna need Motherbox to take me back. I lost the controller to the zeta beam in the woods sadly when that big white man-beast attacked. I'll also bring Alex with me, if he's willing at all, when I come back if that's alright with you guys."

He went over to Suzy and pulled off his belt and gave it to her. "Hold on to this for when I get back. It'll help in finding you guys." He gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Griffin leaned up on the sofa and took a deep breathe before latching on to one of the arrow heads. He snapped it off and threw it on the ground, easily showing his discomfort. He grabbed the other two and preceded to do the same thing that he had done with the first before pulling all three arrows out without further damage to himself.

His breathing was labored as he took and tossed the Motherbox at Kalil. "Here. I don't think I need it anymore anyway." he said with a smirk on his face, showing a somewhat cocky side of himself, a side of himself that he hardly ever showed.

"I have someone who might be able to slow down you're bleeding, but I must rush to get her now or else you will not live." Diao said looking at him.

"Don't worry Diao, I'll stay and watch him till you get back." Suzy said smiling, Diao looked at her and smiled as she gave her a hug then headed out the door.

Kalil gave a kiss to Suzy, and used Motherbox to open a Boom-Tube. "I'm going to hate this so much." He ran and jumped through the portal heading back to Earth.

Griffin leaned back ion his seat; the only thing stopping him from bleeding out was his devotion to his friends and Diao. "And then there were two." Griffin joked as he chuckled to Suzy, who was sitting across from him.

"Yep two people from Earth who have no idea what's here in New Genesis. Hopefully you're confession is enough to convince Diao to come back home with us. Suzy said smiling. An hour had passed on Suzy's phone when there was an opening at the door. Diao had returned, but was with a taller more armored girl holding Mother-box entered.

The two came to the living room with Suzy getting ready to fight, but they stopped and began talking in another language until Diao took her mother-box, and made it into a translator.

"They are not our enemies Barda I swear to you." Diao said as the other female looked at them both.

"Oh very well.." She said reaching into a pouch, and taking out some special ointment.

"Who is she?" Suzy asked with confusion.

"This is Big Barda, one of my Master's best warriors and great medicinal provider. She can help you with your wounds Griffin." Diao replied.

Griffin leaned up in his seat as he deactivated his hero costume and his civilian clothes were visible. He removed his shirt in order to allow Diao to put the ointment on him. "Okay. You can go now, Diao."

Brada looked at the boy confusingly as Diao continued to rub the ointment on her boyfriends chest, "What does this being speak of?" She asked.

Griffin cringed as the ointment touched his wounds. "Well, I am immortal, much like Diao and yourself." he said as he stood up, attempting to not get any ointment on the couch. "My only weakness is gold which will easily pierce my endoskeleton." he said as he hit his chest with his hand. A very dull ting could be heard with each tap that he made.

"Luckliy it wasn't deep enough to penetrate any vital organs, but I just hope you'll feel better soon." Suzy said as Barda came to her, and began to rub the ointment on her broken hand.

"There we are, you're wounds should close up just fine." Diao said moving her hand away.

Griffin chuckled at the two of them. "I'll be fine. I just need to rest is all. Is there a bedroom nearby?" he asked as he got up from the couch.

"Around the corner, first door on your right." Diao said as she sighed, and sat down on the couch feeling exhausted from everything that has gone on.

Suzy was soon out of her cast, and back to normal within minutes as Brada finished applying the ointment which helped in her healing. "Amazing this stuff really is incredible what is it exactly?"

"It was made from a special herb found only here on New Genesis, and it is truly a remarkable plant." Brada said putting the ointment away in her armor.

Griffin turned on his heels and attempted to walk down the hall when he tripped and fell to the ground. He let off a slight grunting noise as he picked himself back up and began limping down the hallway.

Diao quickly allowed Griffin to lean on her as she helped him to the restroom, "You don't have to push yourself so hard. Remember I am here for you no matter what." She said looking at him.

Griffin smiled as he looked back at Diao. "Thank you." he said as he leaned in and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Once the duo had reached the bedroom, Griffin sat and stretched out on the bed. "Would you mind staying for a few minutes please?"

Diao looked at him then the room they were in with nervousness, but she quickly shook it off and nodded. "Of course I will." She replied sitting next to him as she laid her head on his shoulder.

Griffin looked at her with great pain in his eyes as two, lone tears fell down either side of is face. "I am so sorry for the pain I have caused you. I can never make it up to you, what I did, but I wanted you to know that."

"I know. I do forgive you." Diao said looking up at him. "It was difficult for me leaving Earth, and the team. I wish I could've taken it back, but I can't. I do forgive you for what you did know that." Diao said looking right into his eyes as she finally kissed him on the lips.

Griffin stiffened as their lips came into contact. After a few awkward seconds, he loosened up. After the contact was finished, Griffin leaned back and chuckled. "You sure do know how to cheer someone up, don't you?" he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. "Thank you."

Diao smiled as she snuggled with Griffin.

Suddenly out of nowhere was a banging on the door, which made Diao jump up with fear, and quickly ran to the door to check who it was. To her suprise it was Drigo.

"Why are you here?" Diao asked as he replied through screeches.

"Very well, tell the High-Father I will investigate tomorrow." Diao said as Big Barda went out with him.

"What was that all about?" Suzy asked emerging from the kitchen.

"The High-Father has gotten strange reports that some of the citizens have been mysteriously disappearing, and wanted me to investigate." Diao said sitting down on the couch.

"I'm coming with you." Griffin said from the hallway as he walked towards the living area from the bedroom. "I won't let you tell me no either." he said stubbornly as he activated his hero suit.

Diao wanted to force Griffin to stay here, but knew hurting him even more than he was was at the moment wouldn't lead to any good results. "Alright, but you need to follow my lead and listen to everything I say deal?"

Griffin chuckled as he walked slowly over to Diao, leaning casually on her shoulder as if he was not in pain. "I cannot make any promises, but we will see what happens." he joked as he waited for her instruction.

"Will you be alright here by yourself Suzy?"

"Sure don't worry about me just gonna rest for a while, be careful the two of you." Suzy replied putting her feet up the couch.

"Glad to know that you are comfortable with the situation here." Griffin joked as he tried laughing, his ribs making that quite impossible. "Where do we need to go, Love?" Griffin said as he leaned on Diao again for some support as a small shockwave of pain traveled through his body.

"Nearby in the woods was where the Highfather felt strange energy, but if you're going to walk with me we must give you some new clothing." Diao said putting motherbox on him.

After a few seconds energy appeared all over Griffin, and in an instant he was given clothes of New Genesis. "Now this is a good look for you" she said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Griffin chuckled as he examined his new garb. "Thank you." he said kindly as he returned her kiss with one of his own. "Now, do we go to the forrest?" he asked, concerned about where the base camp will be.

"Simple we walk there." Diao said smiling as she helped Griffin begin their long walk to the forest.

Griffin frowned as he began to walk on his own. "Oh joy. I hope this is fast enough for you because I am stuck on turtle today."

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