Saint Walker II and Red X/X are rivals and opposing lanterns in the Lantern Corps, but despite this fact they have a small budding relationship.


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Patricia and Seth were introduced to each other on the 6th during a short skirmish when Seth as Red X, Zeta beamed into Mount Justice and despite the other super powered heroes including two Green Lanterns, she was the only one with the unique aversion to his hate and rage to contain him due to her strong hope.

She was one of the ones present to his interrogation and during this she found herself blushing at the sound of his voice behind his mask and then soon after when he worked with the team, he saved her life which allowed her heart to spark loving and longing feeling for him.

On the 17th while on a solo mission, Saint Walker was covertly spying on a smuggling operation when her cover was blown. Pushed to a wall and no way out she was saved by Red X who didn't say why he did it just that he was in the area which was a lie.

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