Play Date is a fanon episode of Young Justice.


Cheshire lures Miss Martian, Artemis, Zatanna, and Rocket into a trap.


The episode starts off with Miss Martian in the Bio-Ship with Artemis, Zatanna, and Rocket as they head straight to the new hair salon that just opened in Happy Harbor with a female superheroine discount. By the time they arrived, the girls were the first ones to be in line.

Miss Martian puts the Bio Ship on Camouflage mode as she and the others stand out front, to be greeted by the salon lady who welcomes them.

The teenage superheroine went inside and look at the detail of the design as they went to sit down in the chairs. In a few minutes later, the salon lady pulls out a remote from her pocket and pressed a button that shackles Miss Martian and the others to their seats.






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