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Proton 1.png
Vital Statistics
Real Name Chamille Davis
Age 17
Species Human
Birthday July 26th
Birthplace Gateway City
Designation n/a


Production Details
First Appearance n/a
Voiced By n/a
 Proton (real name Chamille Davis) is an underling of and a superheroine replacement for the Justice League Member Rocket aka Raquel Ervin. As a result she was given the inertia belt and is a strong member of the Legion of Super Heroes.


Physical AppearanceEdit


Abilities & EquipmentEdit

Inertia Belt: Proton's Inertia Belt allows her to manipulate kinetic energy in multiple ways. It was originally Raquel Ervin's.

  • Flight: Proton is able to fly by releasing her inertia field's kinetic energy beneath her, launching her skyward. At first, she could barely control this, simply leaping over great distance. After difficult training with Rocket and Icon, she was able to use the kinetic energy as a means of propulsion for genuine flight. She has yet to master complicated aerial maneuvers. 
  • Force Field: Proton can create blue bubbles of kinetic energy, that grow stronger if kinetic force is exerted on the target. The field protects her from anything invested with kinetic energy: physical blows, bullets, falls, etc.


  • Non-Kinetic Attacks: The inertia field offers little protection against weapons based on non-kinetic energy like thermal (e.g., flamethrowers) or electrical (e.g., tasers).
  • Stealth Attacks: The field will not activate if a person or object exerts little kinetic energy against it. Hence, Rocket is vulnerable to stealth attacks, which rely on slower movements and minimal force.
  • Inertia Field Overload: The amount of kinetic energy Proton's field can absorb and store is not limitless. Hence, as the field reaches its limit, she begins to feel the attacks directed against her as occurred when she battled Kitten.







Blue BeetleEdit




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