Known Users Deathstroke
Akira Taylor

The ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury the rate of recovery varies from character to character. Can sometimes result in the slowing, or even stopping, of aging.

Limitations Edit

  • Decapitation and distancing of the head away from the body may kill the user, with the exception of those with a body that stretches the consciousness to a celluarl or metaphysical level. 
  • Some users may scar, causing disfiguration.
  • Brain cells may re-grow, but connections made may be effected.
  • With some if the brain is stabbed in the right place and kept there the user will remain dead until the object is removed.
  • It's not clear how far the ability can go. For example, recovering from a global holocaust, like a nuclear war, isn't known. Because of this, it ability may or may not be linked to Immortality.
  • Some forms of regeneration simply forces cell division to occur faster, rather than repairing/reviving damaged cells, and thus this actually speeds up aging, shortening lifespan.