Known Users Vetis

The ability to multiply an object or person. Not to be confused with Animation or Creation; each unit is a copy of the original, and not an independent being.

Vetis Edit

Vetis, using demonic energy and being well adapt at using ancient magic, uses a crueler means of replication. Vetis tends to possess his victims, then using magic left over makes the body an exact image of himself. This not only destroys the victims soul as he fully replicates/overshadows theirs with his own, but it also allows Vetis to escape undetected ; however, a very well trained user in magic or a strong psychic would be able to tell if Vetis went to possess someone and be capable of tracking him down. This method does tend to cost more then half of his energy and he tends to only use this method if his body can no longer regenerate wounds because of how severe the damage is. Although because of Vetis's nature he does use this ability to build 'messengers, if he has free time and is off the radar, in order to spread his influence. When one of Vetis's replicas is killed/knocked out the person's body returns to normal but the soul usually is beyond repair.

Limitations Edit

  • Copies may require close proximity to the user
  • Energy is used in creating copies, so a limit may be set on the number or size of the copies
  • Infection or damage to a copy may return to the user upon assimilation.
  • Concentration may be required to maintain copies
  • Pain or struggle could cause copies to become distressed as well
  • If there are problems with the copying process duplicates may have physical or mental setbacks.
  • Users may require a certain amount of energy or stamina and once they run out, the duplicates may disappear.
  • If a duplicate dies or becomes injured, the pain may be inflicted on the original.
  • Some duplicates may not be able to rid of easily. Rather than some that disappear automatically.
  • Duplicates may be clearly fake, with a pixel sort of look or an obvious difference.
  • Duplicates may look similar, but have emotions and thoughts of their own.

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