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The Acolytes
Headquarters Domino City
Founder X
Leader X (current)
Notable Members Red X
Saint Walker II
Loran Constantine

The Acolytes is a team of young super powered individuals that works towards independently of The Team and the Justice League, moving primarily to stop the darkness. They operate out of a bunker in Domino City and are led by X.


  • Currently its leader is searching out powerful allies to participate in the War of Light, something that was foretold in Domino and was the reason it was destroyed.

Members and Designations

The designations show the order the member joined the team, and serve as identification for X's personal Zeta-Beam transport system.

Member Powers

  • X - Red Lantern/Blue Lantern
  • Saint Walker II - Blue Lantern
  • Rift - Chi Magic
  • Spellbinder - Magical Incantations
  • Kariya - Human Ingenuity




  • There are 7 members, this is because 7 is associated with good luck and the alignment of good in general.