Martha Wayne
Vital Statistics
Real Name Martha Wayne
Alias Batgirl
Age 10
Species Human
Birthday April 18
Birthplace Gotham city U.S.A.

Martha Wayne

Martha Wayne AKA Batgirl

Martha Wayne Jr. is the daughter of Bruce and Janet Wayne.  Her twin brother is named Thomas.  As toddlers, they were kidnapped by the Joker, who with the help of a hostage scientist, turned them into bats.  He needed money and thought taking hostages was safer. He held them for two billion dollars. Naturally, Batman was upset and the entire Justice League searched for them (in secret, of course.) After they were rescued it was discovered their genetics had been severely altered, and they could not stay human for more than an hour.

Skills Edit

Martha was trained by her father, and half brother, Damian.  Sometimes other members of the Bat family would train her and her twin, but most lived far away and had moved on with their lives.

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