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The FindingsEdit

Sarek, Sweden
July 3, 2009 9:32pm

If there were stereotypical blizzards, the particular part of Sweden Guren Kurosaki was located roared with harsh winds and stinging snow, as if nature were attacking mankind. "This is the place."

Mining equipment chipped away at the icy plateau where an unusual metal had been detected. "34 hours ago, Agent Gamma notified me of an unusual energy signature resonating from Mt. Sarek while he was in Kvikkjokk. 18 hours ago, Zephyr Linette informed me that Gamma had gone into Sarek to search for the origin of the energy signature, confirming it was a foreign metal emitting the pulses-"

A huge explosion erupted from the drilling area, knocking back another one of the drills. This was normal, and the drills were prepared for the recoil. Each of the 5 drills resumed their assault on the unnatural silver ice.

Guren continued, "4 hours ago, you show up here claiming that you are with the United States Special Forces, yet I'm more inclined to think that you're a high school student who was here on a field trip."

"Who takes field trips to Kvikkjokk?" asked theyoung woman with a scar across her nose. "And why else would I be here aside from helping you deal with something that a metal manipulator and a pyrokinetic cannot take care of."

"And we're still standing here listening to machinery almost explode from the contact with the ice," mused Guren. He scratched his neck and pulled his coat closer.

"Can't you hear it?" asked the girl.

"Hear what, Logan?"

"The voice of the metal. It's speaking to me."

Guren stared long and hard at the girl. SF told him that Logan was an unusual girl. No, that wasn't right. Unusual was the weakest way to describe Logan. She personified peculiar.

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