After being banned from the Second justice league for being to young, Destiny Allen/Kotko created her own organization against the Evil Government, called the Jr. Resistance.  The organization runs a prison for important officials they catch, and a small refuge camp.  

Main BranchesEdit

This organization works in three separate organizations: Refugee, Prison, and Espionage.

  • Refugee: this part of the resistance runs the refugee camp, and Zville.  Zville is the small hidden village on an island in the Pacific.  The refugee camp has three locations, one in Ohio, France, and Siberia.  After being processed refugees are sent to Zville.  Both Zville and the camps are run by Mathew Harman.
  • Prison: The prison has two sections one for men and one for women.  It usually holds between five-ten, although it has room for thirty.  It is run by Annabelle May.
  • Espionage: This branch carries out espionage, kidnapping of important people, and de-brainwashing the general population.  They are led by Destiny, and mission control is headed by Jimmy Peters.

Zville in greater detailEdit

Zville is on an Island in the Pacific ocean.  It boasts a movie theater, a grocery store, elementary school, and small jail.  The jail is separate from the prison, has room for four, and is used only on the general population of the island.  The island itself is named Sophia after a beloved pet, belonging to Jimmy.  The movie theater has three children's movies it shows on a rotating basis.  The elementary school teaches third thru eighth grade, other grades are taught at home.  A high school is currently being established.  The grocery store doubles as a marketplace on weekends.  The island has its own currency called kuri.

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