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Thor Gilleasbaig
Abaddon 2
Vital Statistics
Real Name Lucian Marcas
Alias Thor (雷神 Raijin Literally meaning; God of Lightning)
Age 26
Species Human
Birthday 14th May
Birthplace Earth
Designation N/A

Thor Gilleasbaig (Literally meaning; God of Thunder, Bishop's Servant), otherwise known simply as Thor. He is a man with abnormal powers, and is residing within the city of Paris. He is known by his actual name, Lucian Marcas (Literally meaning; Light of the sea). From birth, he was disabled as a result of an unexplained birth defect, and had also awakened his powers through a surge of lightning and thunder being struck against him, due to the only conductor there being the wheelchair. However, instead of entirely eliminating him, it was capable of being conducted into the wheelchair and spread through his entire body, increasing his neural synapses, but causing his left arm to be amputated thanks to the amount of shock. He works as an underground hero, with a mild affiliation to the Justice League.




Early LifeEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Physical AbilitiesEdit



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