Trick Arrow
Trick Arrow
Type of Weapon Arrow (Used with Bows)
Range of Weapon All Ranges
Known Users Green Arrow
Red Arrow

Trick arrows are special arrows with several different styles and abilities and are the chosen ammunition of most Marksmen.


  • Bola Arrow: Arrows that release bolas.
  • EMP Arrow: Arrows that can override the feed of security cameras.
  • Explosive Arrow: Arrows that explode on impact.
  • Foam Arrow: Arrows that can release a high-density polyurethane foam to engulf and incapacitate its targets or can create a softer landing.
  • Flash Arrow: Arrows that create a bright flash, blinding opponents.
  • Incendiary Arrow: Arrows that light aflame.
  • Knock-Out Gas Arrow: An arrow that ejects knock-out gas.
  • Net Arrow: Arrows that can expand into a net.
  • Oil Arrow: Arrows that contain a sprinkler of oil, with microbeads with built in GPS trackers.
  • Punch Arrow: Weighted arrows that can "punch" an opponent.
  • Smoke Screen Arrow: Arrows that shoot out smoke.
  • Taser Arrow: Arrows that can electrocute and knock-out armored soldiers.
  • Tracer Arrow: Arrows that contain a tracer in the head.
  • Zip-Line Arrow: Arrows that carry a zip-line.

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