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Vital Statistics
Real Name Hunter Rowe
Alias Velocity
Age Unknown (appears to be in late teens)
Species Human (Meta-Human)
Birthplace Earth-1
United States
Jump City


Production Details
First Appearance A Speedster from Another World

"I am Velocity, the fastest man alive, past present and future. Barry Allen, your running days are at an end."
— Hunter to Barry upon their confrontation.

Hunter Rowe is a mysterious speedster from Earth-1 in the center of the Multiverse, who traveled to Earth-17 using his Speed. He is seeking out Barry Allen to strip him and Bart Allen of their speed force powers as he states the Speed Force belongs to him.



Not much is known about his personality other than he claims to be acting on the will of the Speed Force and as a result is its agent and avatar. He claims to be neither good nor evil, only the correcting force for the misuse of speed within the multiverse. This coupled with the method he claimed the Speed Force on his earth paint him in the light of a malevolent counterforce.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Speed Force Conduit/Meta-Human Physiology: As a user of the Speed Force, Hunter has unparalleled speed, having brought his own Earth to it's knees in a matter of months. As a speedster he has speed that far surpasses those on Earth-17, as his connection to the Speed Force is pure and unrestrained, it was said that due to his raw power that he may be from Earth-Prime or Earth-1 in the multiverse as not even Barry Allen, the fastest man on Earth-17 can match him.
  • Super Speed: As a general application of his power, Hunter is able to run at mach speeds, which result in a red and yellow trail to follow him as he moves. This allows him to move at high speeds and react with pin-point accuracy.
  • Hyper Speed: Due to his higher rate of motion, Hunter has gained the ability to move at Hyper Speed, this is followed by black lightning and results in what appears to be instantaneous travel to a non-speedster, however even to a speedster this travel is as if he is in two places at the same time. When confronting another speedster, Hunter perceives them as moving in slow motion even if they are moving at their own top speed.
  • Interdimensional Travel: By puncturing breeches in the fabric of space-time, Hunter is able to run through them and travel to different earths using the Speed Force. This skill is typically used to travel to different worlds for him to subjugate and reunite the Speed Force.
  • Bodily Vibration and Phasing: By vibrating his molecules at high speeds, Hunter is able to pass through physical objects. This can be used to dodge bullets or to kill as he once phased his hand through the head of a hero on his world, destroying their brain in the process.


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