Hakumen 2

The two have known each other since the dawn of time. At one point Vetis and Heiko were comrades but along the flow of space and time travel something happened to Vetis, making him an avatar of chaos/evil itself. Heiko took it upon himself to subdue Vetis whenever he could because of their past relationship. Vetis however was very crafty and was capable many times in escaping Heiko's grasp either by a sliver or by planning two steps ahead. There have also been moments when Heiko has had to follow Vetis to Earth Prime in order to prevent his plan of destroying all the Earths at once. Luckily each time Heiko was successful but Vetis also seemed to like the game of 'cat and mouse' and didn't seem to mind whenever his attempts failed. Whenever he does fail he can't help but let out a laugh towards Heiko ; because, although his attempts do fail he usually gives someone anguish, mainly Heiko, and that alone satisfies his reason for living.

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